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Security and safety

Grupo Ceres has had a special and constant concern from its origins to perform well-done works and provide services that meet the expectations of our clients, future users and society at large.

This concern, which is reflected in corporate values, has involved the establishment of policies and objectives based on strategic lines of customer guidance, Grupo Ceres complies with all quality recommendations contained in ISO 9001:2000, with the Management System certified by AENOR.

Since its inception, Grupo Ceres was imposed as a fundamental internal value for the responsible development of the company, maximum support for the company’s human capital. Therefore, the prevention of occupational risks has been one of the fundamental pillars on which the growth of the company has been based.

Due to the firm commitment to the Company, its own employees, and every worker involved in our activity, the resources that Grupo Ceres has dedicated to prevention within the company have gone beyond strict compliance with the regulations in force at the time.

Prevention is now a major facet of the company, perfectly integrated into its production system, due to the preventive organization designed and implemented in recent years since the Prevention Service. In our work, the management of prevention is fully integrated with the production process, having achieved this goal following the development of a training plan on prevention for heads of labour, production and commissioners and the ongoing support and advice from the Prevention Service.

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