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Quality policy

At Grupo Ceres we are aware that in the pursuit of business objectives, the company should not pursue exclusively profitability, forgetting the provision of quality service, the impact of its activity on the environment, and that in many cases the construction activity entails work with certain inherent risks, as can be seen from studies in this sector in Spain. For this reason, the Directorate has established and implemented an Integrated Quality Management System based on the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, environmental management based on the requirements of UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 and occupational health and safety management, in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • Establish continuous improvement, as a fundamental principle of action, on the basis of prevention, rather than correction. Optimizing human and material resources, including raw materials, all aimed at permanently improving the effectiveness of our processes and the Management System, as well as respecting the environment, preventing pollution, and concern for the integrity of the health of their workers, preventing injury and occupational diseases. 
  • All employees are responsible for the provision of quality service and environmental protection, which is why Grupo Ceres is responsible for raising awareness and training in quality, environment, safety and health at work, as well as innovations and developments in techniques and materials that apply to our works and services.
  •  Suggestions from staff, for the improvement of processes, operations and for improvement in the field of environmental protection and safety in the execution of the various jobs and positions that have been defined in Grupo Ceres, both in offices and in their work. 
  • Grupo Ceres undertakes to comply with the environmental and occupational health and safety legislation in force, which is applicable to it because of activity and geographical location. We also commit ourselves to meeting the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our service and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.

The quality management system aims to provide our clients with a complete guarantee of our services, and to achieve the full satisfaction of the clients of Grupo Ceres, thanks to the fulfilment of the established requirements. To this end, the quality system has as its main objectives:

  • Fulfilling the requirements offered to clients, consolidating trust in Grupo Ceres.
  • Management, effective control and continuous improvement of processes.
  • Effective allocation of roles and responsibilities.

The environmental management system aims to protect the environment by minimizing the impacts of our activity. Therefore, with regard to the environment, we undertake:

  • Integrate environmental considerations into all activities carried out in the field of our facilities.
  • Adequate waste management and optimisation of the use of raw materials and natural resources are priority activities in the environmental management of Grupo Ceres.
  • We will be actively involved in raising awareness and monitoring the environmental performance of subcontractors working with us.

The Occupational Safety and Health Management System aims to prevent injury in the development of the tasks necessary for the provision of Grupo Ceres’s service, as well as to minimise the risk of diseases at work, thanks to the fulfilment of the established requirements and the design of the jobs themselves. To this end, the management system has as its main objectives:

  • Enforcement of legislation on the prevention of occupational hazards, strengthening confidence in Grupo Ceres.
  • Improve post situations where the most significant risks are identified.

These objectives are general. Meetings of the Directorate’s Revision of the System at the headquarters in Seville or Malaga set quantifiable objectives for a given period of time, including objective evidence to demonstrate their achievement, the person responsible for their implementation and the resources available to them to achieve them. Ensuring that all persons in the organization who have an impact on quality and the environment are aware of the Management Policy and the objectives set are achieved through the dissemination by the Manager of the Management System of the objectives at all levels of the organization and the distribution of the documents they apply at each level in the various jobs.

We are in possession of the business classification of groups C, J and K, and we are able to work with the Public Administration, because we are trained and certified.

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