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Human capital

At Grupo Ceres we consider the Human Resources of our organization as our main asset and the fundamental element that differentiates us from our competitors. That is why it is firmly committed to investment in training and professional development for all its professionals.

The willingness of Grupo Ceres to value and protect talent is reflected in its collaboration with various higher schools, seeking to integrate young graduates into the organization, with a view to completing the education received with professional practice, and to open new expectations to them in the labour market they are about to enter.

At Grupo Ceres we know that our growth is going through the development of our human capital. For this reason, we not only seek out the best-qualified professionals, but also put all the means at our disposal for the continuous training of our employees.

The selection processes carried out have focused on the search for personal skills and abilities held by candidates, as well as the necessary technical skills, with the aim of detecting at all times the potential of the person and his perfect fit in the organization.

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