Grupo Ceres includes companies of great experience, qualified in the execution of singularrefurbishments of buildings, with special attention to the  Rehabilitation of facades, roofing, etc., and including elements such as foundations, consolidation of wrought iron, structural reinforcement, all types of roofs and decks, including installations/facilities (lifts, electricity, water, gas and drainpipes).

Ceres, offers its refurbishment of buildings services in Sevilla, Málaga, Huelva, Cádiz and Córdoba.


  • Spray rendering: single layers, whitewashing, imitation granite, bush hammer concrete.
  • Gunite concrete spray.
  • Thermal insulation of facades
  • Replacement of cladding, stone, granite, marble.
  • Construction of curtain wall facades.
  • Refurbishment of wrought iron, balconies and terraces.
  • Replacing banisters.
  • Replacing blinds.
  • Replacing balconies.


  • Asphalt waterproofing.
  • Construction of tile roofing.
  • Waterproofing with PVC sheets.
  • Thermal insulation for roofs.
  • Sheet roofing (aluminium, galvanized iron/steel).
  • Traffic-bearing roofing.
  • Sandwich panel roofing.


  • Painting patios and facades.
  • Repair of plastering, rendering and wall claddings in general.
  • Repair of terrace fronts and cornices. Anchoring – stone restoration.
  • Installation of gutters and drainpipes.
  • Replacement of brick tiles.
  • Sealing joints, glass and carpentry.
  • Cleaning facades.
  • Water repellence of wall claddings.
  • Placing aluminium sheets and drip rails