Because design is a part of all of us and is present in every location and in every object, at Grupo Ceres we cover all phases of interior design projects: briefing, creative process, basic and executive projects, execution of the project and project management.

Aimed at both private homes as well as business and companies from diverse sectors; hostelry, hotels, clinics, offices, professional activities, trade and commercial premises in general. We are specialists in creating climates and environments adopting practical and creative solutions.

We know how, at all times, to interpret the essence of what each client seeks to convey within an intimate or professional space. Our aim is to develop an integrated project which respects space, merging this space with other newly created ones. We accompany this with decor to the smallest detail, reusing the property’s furnishings in combination with other new items; a range of possibilities where the solutions, through innovation, are infinite.

  • Cutting edge materials of the very best quality
  • Latest techniques in decor
  • Best proposal for a sustainable home
  • Innovative design techniques
  • Lighting
  • Design and manufacture of furniture
  • Combination of old and new furnishings
  • Interior and exterior elements (balconies, terraces, gardens…)