At Grupo Ceres we consider the Human Resources in our organization to be our principal assets, and the fundamental element that sets us apart from our competitors. This is why we are firmly committed to investing in the professional training and development of all our professionals.

The predisposition of Grupo Ceres to value and protect talent can be seen in the collaboration we maintain with various higher education institutions, seeking to integrate young graduates into the organization, for the purposes of them completing the teaching they receive with professional practice, and opening up new expectations for them within the labour market they are about to enter.


At Grupo Ceres we know that our growth relies on the development of our human resources.  This is why, not only do we actively seek the very best, most highly qualified professionals, but we also use all the means at our disposal to ensure the ongoing training of all our employees.

The selection procedures undertaken focus on identifying the personal skills and aptitude of candidates, as well as the obviously required technical abilities, for the purposes of detecting, at all times, the potential of each and every person and their perfect fit within our organization.